Kind words from parents, past and present

At Little Rascals we understand how important it is to you to choose the right day nursery for your child. We can only inform you of what services we offer and how we work to offer the highest standard of child care possible. However, nothing beats hearing from other parents who have used or currently use our nursery. So with this in mind we have invited parents and children to share their views and experiences. 

After many trials at different nurseries I come across Little Rascals.. The process of finding a Nursery was as important as buying my home, I knew that is was the right place as soon as I walked through the door!

I have two children who have both attended Little Rascals Nursery and they also attended their preschool on a separate site.  The children see Little Rascals as an exciting place to go to. Facilities and staff are of high standards, with children’s wellbeing and development at the forefront.. And for me, I can go about doing my daily activities knowing that the children are safe and happy and in a place where they are cared for in a very nurturing way.

My husband and I could not wish for a better nursery and I would most definitely recommend Little Rascals.

Katie B's Mummy

We picked little Rascals when our first baby was only a few months old, as our tour with Sharon and the team inspired us with confidence and put us all at ease. So much so that our baby slept through almost the whole thing! Once he started there, we knew we had made the right choice, he was happy, confident, and developing well. Plus he clearly loved it there.
When our daughter came along it was an easy decision to send her there too. We were nervous as she had a number of food allergies but the rascals team were amazing with her and she flourished! Loving the food, the team and everything about nursery.
I have no doubt that the nursery helped make my babies into the fab kids they are today. We would definitely choose little rascals again and have recommended it to lots of our friends too.


Both our boys have loved their time at Little Rascals. The staff and friendly and helpful and our children have thrived in their time there.  Would definitely recommend it to people needing childcare.


I have been asked if I would like to make a few comments as a testimonial for Little Rascals website:! I could go on and on so will try and keep it brief.

Little Rascals is a truly exceptional nursery. Visually it is colourful, vibrant and well organised. The food is varied and healthy and I always know my child eats well on nursery days.

Often he will ask for nursery food at home instead of my dinners! The staff are attentive professional and caring and filled us with confidence from day 1. Thank you Big Rascals

James K's Mummy

When Kaius first started at Little Rascals he was to put it lightly a little anxious! But after 2 weeks with the lovely staff he loved it. Now 6 months later he goes on and on about nursery all the time!

Kaius absolutely loves it, loves the staff, loves the activities and all that comes with it! The Big Rascals made settling Kaius and myself into Nursery a seamless and comfortable experience and we are eternally grateful.

Hannah | Kaius Mummy

Little Rascals has been a godsend.. Not only can I not tear Abigail away at the end of the day but she rabbits on all weekend to come back! Her speech and other skills have developed beyond belief and that’s down to the staff and activities they have. All staff are lovely and friendly and I feel that we have a good honest relationship. We are very happy.

Abigail's Mummy
My daughter has been with Little Rascals for two and a half years and the support and continuity of care has been beyond my expectations! The staff are totally approachable. I am so grateful.
Jo | Reeses Mummy

Both of my children genuinely enjoy their time at nursery and they have learnt so much. I have been so impressed with the carers who have formed really meaningful bonds with my children and have always been there to encourage them. There’s a real sense of caring at the nursery and the children are treated as individuals , their little personalities and habits are always taken care of! There are a lot of opportunities for the children to learn especially in preparation for big school.

Anna | Henry and Emily's Mummy

My son and daughter attend Little Rascals and I can honestly say we’d have been hard pressed to find a better nursery! The staff are hard working, dedicated and passionate and are professional in all aspect at all times

Corrine | Ellis and Natalie's Mummy

My wife came home after looking at several nurseries and told me we had I had to go for a visit, she loved it. When I walked in  I knew it was the right place for my child

Kieran's Daddy

I just wanted to send a small note to thank you…..all the staff at the nursery are lovely and i know sometimes it goes unnoticed. However I love the nursery and the staff. Both my kids love it here and I want to thank you for all you do

Hannah | George and Lily's Mummy

Thanks gals (and guys) you do a great job with those little rascals and their BIG personalities!

James | Heidi's Daddy

Thank you so much big rascals for everything you have done for Jack over the past 4 years. He has had such a great time with you. Very sad day today. Am so glad that Evie and Emma will still be with you. Thanks again. Your all stars.

Di | Jack's Mummy

Thanks for a great leavers show brought a tear to my eye. Thanks to all the staff noah has had a great fun at little rascals and will miss you all

Sarah | Noah's Mummy

Thank you all for such a great  Leavers show today! I was blubbering like a baby!! Going to miss Little Rascals so much! Thanks to you all, but especially Sarah who was brilliant with Luis!


Cos I like playing with mobile. I can make a flying car….you need a red triangle bit, yellow triangle bit, erm blue square and er a red square on top (he was doing all the hand actions as well,) oh and you need some wheels and a spinny bit then you get you’re flying car see!

George H

I like playing with Bella & Ellis in the garden and I like to play with Henry with the cars and garage inside

I like being inside and playing mermaids and princess


I like painting animals…..Giraffes… because they’re funny…….I like playing with animals as well

Mummy lets me come here

Thomas R
It has so many toys!


I like it and I wear the spiderman costume and play with the castle

I play with the marble run