Starting Nursery

Starting Nursery

We recognise and understand the anxieties for both parents and children when starting at nursery. 

Many parents find it hard to let their child leave them, and the younger the child is the harder this can be.  Don’t worry this is perfectly normal and we have strategies in place to help and support you.

A few tips which may help you are:

  • Your child will pick up on your emotions- so be confident when starting to talk and visit the nursery, your child will share in that confidence. 
  • Please come and visit the nursery as often as you feel is necessary before making a decision to start and take full advantage of the settling in sessions.
  • If this is the first time your child is going to be separated from you, you could help them prepare by spending short periods of time apart in the run up to their first day.

As soon as your child is registered with us we begin to build the relationship with your family. Working in partnership with you we aim to make this big step a positive experience for your child. 

A manager from the nursery will contact you before your child’s start date to discuss convenient times for you and your child to visit the nursery.  Settling-in sessions will usually be arranged to commence a minimum of 4 weeks before your child is due to start nursery but will take into account the needs of your child. 

The initial visit to the nursery is a time when the parent and child are introduced to their key person, the staff team and children in their room. For the first visit we suggest staying with your child for an hour, so that we can discuss with you the best way to settle your child into our nursery, their likes, dislikes, needs and interests.  We will also share with you your child’s Learning Journal and ask you to complete some information in order to help us plan for your child’s learning and development. 

For the second visit we suggest trying to leave your child for an hour, however if you would like to stay and spend time with your child, helping them become acquainted with the staff and the nursery routines you are more than welcome . 

For the third visit we suggest leaving your child for a longer period of time, over a mealtime, so that they can experience eating with a large group. 

The number of visits will vary for each child depending on their needs, we are more than happy to arrange extra settling-in sessions if either you or we feel they would be beneficial .You will gradually spend longer periods apart from your child until they are ready to start their daily session without you. Some children will settle in on their first visit and others will take a little longer to get used to their new environment.

These visits will be a time when, through building a relationship between staff and parents, the child will begin to settle and form trusting relationships with staff, in particular their key person.  Please try and attend theses visits as it is very important to us that your child feels settled, happy and secure and we want you to feel confident and happy when you leave your child in our care.

The First Day

Parents are invited to stay a while to see that their child is happy and settled. You are welcome to sit and have a drink in the welcome area, for a while and then go back discreetly and check that your child has settled. However you need not feel obliged to do this and may leave soon after saying goodbye to your child.

Try not to be too anxious about leaving your child if they are crying. Our staff team are experienced in dealing with these situations and have strategies to help them. With a smile clearly explain to your child that you will see them later. It is a good idea not to prolong the goodbye, as hard as this may be, trust us, it is better for your child; they can then focus on their first day

Parents are invited to phone at any point during the day to check that all is well. Your key person will be available to speak to you when you arrive to pick up your child.

“Children begin their lives secure in the safety of laps, families and nurseries. But however loved and cherished children are, childhood includes times and events that maybe difficult or painful to cope with” Efler, Goldschmied, Selleck (2003)

Arrival and Collections
Please arrive with your child at the agreed time. Please ensure that you are always prompt to collect your child.   If you are unavoidably delayed, please telephone at the earliest opportunity and keep us informed, as it may be necessary for us to keep a member of staff behind due to the staff to child ratio.

Any person collecting your child will be asked for identity and your family password, for added security. In the event of them not knowing your password we will prevent them taking your child. We will always carry out a telephone check to confirm that parental permission has been granted if we are at all unsure.

Please be considerate when parking on the driveway and always be aware of any pedestrians. The driveway is for drop off and collections only so please park in one of the bays on the road if you intend on spending any length of time in the  nursery.

Sharing Information
We welcome informal chats at the beginning and end of each session. We are also happy to set aside some dedicated time for discussion at a mutually agreed time. In addition we hold regular formal consultations to share and discuss your child’s learning and development.

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