Partnership With Parents

Partnership With Parents

At Little Rascals we recognise that parents are the first educators of their children and we will work in partnership with you for the benefit of your child.  We recognise that your child is the most important little person in your life so we work with you to ensure you are completely happy to leave your ’ little treasure’ with us.  

We aim to develop positive effective partnerships with parents and carers in order to enhance the learning and development of the Little Rascals. 

We value and respect the contribution of the parent to the child’s learning and believe we share with parents a joint interest in, the children’s welfare learning and development. 

Children will feel more confident and positive about themselves and their learning when nursery staff, parents and other carers such as childminders and other settings the children may attend work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Effective communication means there is a two way flow of information, knowledge and expertise between parents and staff. Your child’s key person is available daily to give feedback about your child’s day and to share significant events with you. Every interaction with you is based on a caring, professional relationship and respectful acknowledgement of the feelings of you as parents and those of your children.

To help to build these partnerships we communicate in many ways, these include 

  • Newsletters, 
  • Emails and Letters
  • Website
  • Face book page
  •  Parent evenings, open days  and play sessions
  • Suggestion box and comments book
  • Children’s feedback sheets, 
  • Questionnaires
  • Parents notice board

Most importantly however the nursery management team and your child’s key worker are available at any time for discussions with parents or other carers.

It is important to us that you feel welcome and part of nursery life. Parents are encouraged to participate as much or as little as they please in the daily activities of the nursery. 

If something should ’niggle’  you or your child we encourage you to share that with us, your feedback is important to us, this contributes to how the nursery grows and develops

Ofsted say ‘Parents’ involvement in the nursery is thriving and extremely well valued’

Parents Nursery Association

We pride ourselves on maintaining positive and effective relationships with parents and carers.

The nursery holds regular Parent Nursery Association (PNA) meetings with self nominated parent representatives. The purpose of the PNA is to enable parents have a voice, and that parent’s feel supported and encouraged to contribute their views and ideas. They help organise various fund-raising and social events.  It is also a great way to get parents involved in the nursery and to meet new friends. The nursery will display the PNA member’s information on a display board and the minutes from each PNA meeting will be made available.

Details of the PNA representatives together with copies of the PNA meeting minutes are displayed in the nursery.

If you would like to speak to a PNA representative please ask the Nursery Manager who would be happy to provide you with the relevant contact details.

Information for Parents

We have a welcome area in nursery where parents can sit, have coffee and chat with staff about their child’s learning and development. 

In this area you will find copies of our policies and procedures, resources that you can borrow to help continue your child’s development at home, with related activities and books that we use in the setting. 

There are plenty of leaflets on local events, organisations and literature on child development, healthy eating, change for life scheme and NHS Direct. 

The nursery holds information sessions per year. Two of these offer you an opportunity to meet with your child’s Key Person to discuss their progress and development and to give you an opportunity to ask questions. Other sessions are planned to offer you more general information such as how the curriculum works and play sessions give you the opportunity to engage in play experiences as a way of showing you what your child learns at nursery.  If you are unable to attend these sessions or you wish to meet with your child’s Key Person on a more regular basis this can be arranged for you.

Ofsted is the ‘Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills’. They regulate and inspect to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages. Ofsted inspect all childcare settings to ensure that they deliver effective support for children through the EYFS. 

Following an inspection of a setting, the nursery receives a full report documenting the inspector’s findings.  The nursery has an OFSTED inspection approximately every 3 years. You will find the latest report for the nursery in a folder in the welcome area.  A copy of the nursery OFSTED report is  also available for you to download from the Ofsted website Alternatively we will be happy to supply you with a copy. 

Factsheets for Parents & Carers

  1. A clean and healthy start to school – Factsheet (Click For Download)
  2. Parents guide to promoting positive behaviour – Factsheet (Click For Download)
  3. Parents guide to weaning and toilet training – Factsheet (Click For Download)
  4. Protecting your child from infection – Factsheet (Click For Download)
  5. Supporting schemas in your home – Factsheet (Click for Download)
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