Our Nursery

Baby Bears & Tiny Teds

3 Months - 2 Years

The rooms offer wonderful sensorial experience full of textures, light and creativity where our babies are encouraged to be freely creative and are provided with a vast range of quality materials and resources to stimulate their young developing minds. 

The rooms which cater for out ‘Tiny Rascals’ are called the ‘Baby Bear’s room and the ‘Tiny Ted’s room. The staff ratio in the rooms is 1 adult to every 3 children. 

We have a separate sleep area in which babies can sleep in a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, with constant monitoring and each child has their own bedding.

The nappy change area is designed to keep nappy changing times fun and hygienic whilst respecting the privacy of the child and a separate area for staff to prepare milk and baby’s solid feeds.

Our Tiny Rascals’ can join us from the age of 3 months. Babies move up into the Tiny Teds room when they are between 14-18 months old, Tiny Teds move to the Jungle Cubs room between the ages of 24-26 months however, these transitions very much depend on your child’s individual needs and stage of development. If change is managed as part of a natural progression it will be less unsettling.

Babies are cared for by trained staff in a home from home environment with lots of love and affection and plenty of cuddles throughout the day! All babies are kept in their own individual routines, and feed and sleep when required.

A range of toys and activities are available to develop large and fine motor skills,  hand and eye co-ordination, social and play, communication and language. Babies are provided with a wide range of activities which are both enjoyable and stimulating such as shaving foam and baby lotion play, water play, pasta, corn flour and water, painting, cardboard box play and treasure baskets to name a few. Babies also take part in music and movement, singing and musical instrument sessions which are held both indoors and outdoors. Babies are also taken on walks and have their own enclosed outdoor play area, they spend lots of time outside and learn so much through exploring their natural environment especially during the warmer months.

Tiny Teds room has ‘toddler’ sized tables and chairs . All of the furniture has been designed with rounded corners and a smooth finish to allow freedom and access to the toys while ‘keeping children safe’ and maintaining a ‘sense of belonging’.  Our rooms are designed to offer ‘continuous provision’ toys and equipment are displayed at the children’s level to allow them to make ‘healthy choices’ at an early age so that decision making does not become a difficulty in later years. The sturdy wooden furniture contains labelled see-through containers enabling them to chose and put away their toys and natural resources which encourage inquisitiveness and stimulation.

There are areas within the rooms for messy play and eating (easy to clean for when the children are learning to feed themselves!); free play, allowing space for ‘growing and developing’ and a cosy area to allow quiet times and encourage ’emotional wellbeing’.

Children enjoy snuggling into the cosy quiet corner to listen to stories and playing with small world and construction equipment on the floor area. Children take part in many activities throughout the day such as painting, sand, water, role play, construction, corn flour and water, shaving foam, soil, small world toys, tents and tunnels and much more!. They love music and movement, especially boogie beebies, song time and musical instrument sessions. Stories are told by staff each day with the use of puppets and props to make them more interesting and entertaining, to hold their attention whilst developing their concentration skills

The children love to be outside where they spend time developing their physical skills, climbing, running, jumping, riding tricycles, pushing buggies, throwing, rolling and catching balls, and enjoying imaginative, malleable and creative play. Children spend as much time as possible outside.. Staff involve the children in many activities outdoors such as small obstacle courses, big block play, helping children to crawl over and under objects and through tunnels, driving cars, bean bags and balls and so much more! . Children also go on nature walks where they learn to appreciate and recognise features of their natural environment.

A typical day is structured, but is flexible to an individual child’s needs.  Children rest throughout the day and will snuggle down and have a sleep as and when they require it.

Each child has a Key Person will ensure that all of their requirements are met. In addition to each child’s individual daily communication book, our staff will take time to chat with you on a daily basis.

We take pride in working closely with parents and carers by following each child’s routine, providing consistency through home and nursery

Jungle Cubs Toddlers

2 years - 3 years

The Jungle Cubs room is designed to accommodate all areas of learning and development. Within the room there are separate play areas such as small world and construction play home corner to encourage imaginative play with a kitchen and appliances, and a quiet area to promote relaxation and reflection and art and craft areas. The areas highly resourced with plenty of toys and equipment.

Children take part in focused and creative activities throughout the day and have the choice of which activity they take part in. Children are provided with many different activities along with music and movement, song times, musical instrument sessions and outdoor play. Circle time every day is an opportunity to take part in group activities and listen to stories; staff use props and puppets during these times to hold children’s attention and develop their concentration.

Children spend a lot of their time outdoors and have access to a large outdoor area, with dens quiet sensory areas, sand and water play, physical area and a playhouse.  They are provided outdoors with group games, bats and balls, coup cars, bikes, trikes and scooters along with obstacle courses, balancing beams and outdoor role play.

Children benefit from going on trips into the local community, to the park, the beach and the library or on a coach for trips to the farm. Staff promote good table manners and encourage children to feed themselves.

Children begin toilet training in this room, the room has easy access to the child sized toilets and washroom.
Most children in this room sleep after lunch on beds with their own sheets and blankets. There is provision for those who do not sleep during lunch time to play and take part in activities.

Parents are kept up to date with their child’s developmental progress through daily information sheets and handovers with parents, more formally through regular progress reports individual child profiles and information sessions.

Busy Bees Preschool

3 years - 5 years

The pre-school section of nursery is situated at the rear of the building and consists of two rooms. Both rooms are bright and spacious with lots of stimulating resources for the children to play and learn. 

The routine is a little more structured getting the children ready for school; however we highlight the importance of choice and the children have access to a wide variety of activities and resources. The rooms are child centred in accordance with the principles from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). By advocating this approach to learning we are enhancing their preparation for the world of ‘big school’. The rooms promote all the areas of learning and with a combination of planned adult and child led activities, provide an active learning environment.

Children take part in focused activities lead by a member of staff to help children work towards their developmental targets. All children have their own individual targets within the areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Children freely access all experiences and resources within their environment and have direct free flow access to our large child friendly garden. There are a variety of displays throughout the room with an emphasis of displaying the children’s own work.   A touch screen computer and large amounts of ICT equipment and quiet areas are available for peaceful activities alongside areas stimulating their imaginations and creativity. To encourage early literacy skills children actively participate in letter and sound activities and share books and story sacks at home with family. The rooms have good quality wooden furniture with clear storage containers labelled with words and pictures, enabling the children to choose their own equipment and resources.

We believe children strive in an environment where they have first hand experiences of the world around them.  We take the children on regular outings to the woods, the beach, the park, the library for stories and rhymes. Each year we take the children to the Remembrance Parade, we hold a Harvest Festival and Nativity in the local church.

We pride ourselves on the strong links with local schools. In the term prior to the child starting school we will visit the school and nearer their start date to school will join in with the story time with their new teacher. The teachers are also invited into the nursery to spend time playing and getting to know their new pupils.
The preschool team is led by staff who have gained degrees in Early Years studies; this ensures high quality delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Parents are kept up to date with their child’s developmental progress through handovers with parents, regular progress reports, individual child profiles, and play and information sessions.

The Outside Area

At Little Rascals, we understand the importance of outdoor play and follow the government guidelines on allowing children to learn and play in a safe, secure outdoor environment. 
Studies have provided evidence that the way children respond in positive environments improves recall of information, creative problem solving, and creativity. Early experiences with the outdoors have been positively linked with the development of imagination and the sense of wonder. Curiosity is important as a motivator for lifelong learning.
Being outdoors is an essential ingredient to the emotional health of children, and at Little Rascals our philosophy embraces the view that any learning taking place inside, should also be promoted outdoors. When children play outdoors with less restriction, they are more likely to have positive feelings about each other and their surroundings
Children love outdoor play and the nursery’s garden offers a delightful range of high quality equipment and activities to cater for all the children’s needs. 
Our garden also offers
  • Shade sails in parts of the garden which give a 95% UVB protection from the sun which enables the children to play safety. 
  • A soft surface area where the children can play on the bikes, trikes and scooters 
  • A large sandpit to dig and play in. 
  • A music area 
  • A story hut surrounded by bamboo and logs 
  • Wooden climbing and play equipment. 
  • A child friendly planting area where the children grow their own vegetables and flowers. 
  • Tyres to balance and climb on. 
  • A creative area where children enjoy playing with water and painting. 
  • An area where children can construct with blocks, guttering and make dens.
The children’s fun and education continues with lots more wonderful activities including searching for mini beasts with magnifying glasses, mark making and art work with clip boards and paper, running and dancing with ribbon and windmills to name a few! 
The children are able to freely access the garden throughout the day whatever the weather, so we ask parents and guardians to leave a pair of boots and a raincoat and hood clearly labelled at the nursery. (We especially have fun in the muddles!) 


The Key Person - 'A special person for every child'

You will often hear the phrase “Key Person” in the nursery. Research has shown that a Key Person approach is the most effective way of ensuring that children develop a strong relationship with a significant adult in the nursery. The Key Person approach gives every child the reassurance to feel secure and cared for, helping them to become familiar with the nursery environment and to feel confident and safe within it.

At Little Rascals we recognise every child’s individuality, efforts and achievements and believe that relationships between adults and children are crucial for the child’s happiness and security.
Our nursery operates a ‘Buddy’ scheme whereby each Key person has a Buddy who takes on the role of the Key person in their absence. The Buddy scheme ensures there is another member of staff who knows your child equally well and is able to ensure continuity of care.

The key person meets the needs of each child in their care and responds sensitively to their feelings, interests and needs.
A key person will also:

  • Offer security, reassurance and continuity, and they will usually be the one to feed, support with toileting/change nappy, soothe the child if they feel unwell or sad, as they will have formed a close bond. 
  • Help each of their key children to develop relationships with other members of staff and children.
  • Support their key child when they are ready to move into the next room, for instance from the baby to toddler room, their key person will be there to help them and the parents to develop a relationship with, and confidence in, their new key person.
  • Observe their ‘key’ children during the day in order to be able to plan future opportunities and experiences that best meet their needs and interests.

Observation, Planning and Assessment

Observations are evaluated by the key person, this allows for every child’s individual development to be monitored and their progress recorded. Our planning cycle starts with observing children at play to understand their current interests, learning and development. We share this information with you and ask for your input about the things your child likes to do at home. This along with the information we have gathered is used to help us plan appropriate activities which will form the ‘next steps’ in your child’s learning and development. 

Tapestry (Online Learning Journal)

All of the nursery children have a personal learning journal which records photograph’s of them playing and observations in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). The journal builds a record of your child’s experiences and achievements during their time with us. We use an online system called Tapestry, which is hosted in the UK on secure servers. Tapestry allows you to view your child’s observations and photographs taken at nursery almost as they happen. Your child’s learning will be linked to the area’s of the EYFS. This will keep you informed of the areas of learning in which your child is achieving.

Tapestry allow you to add observations and photographs of your own. We love to hear news from home and to share this with your child at nursery.

Your child will also receive a learning journal folder, which is kept at nursery. You are able to look at this anytime you wish.

The children enjoy looking at their file and are given the option of helping us to update them. So you may sometimes see observations or photographs stuck in upside down!  

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