Little Rascals Preschool

Little Rascals Preschool

Welcome to the Little Rascals PreSchool. We are a term-time preschool that caters for children aged 2-5 years. We open every day between the hours of 09:00-14:00 and operate from The Guide Hall on Forest Road, Worthing. We have a spacious playroom and access to an outside area. We are a small, friendly, preschool that aims to cater for the individual needs of every child in our care, to allow them to reach their full potential. We do this by providing the opportunity to learn through play in a safe, stimulating environment. and are registered with Ofsted.
The PreSchool is a member of the Preschool Learning Alliance.
We work closely alongside our Nursery, many of our children go between both settings. A lot of the content on the Nursery pages of this website applies to the preschool i.e. the Learning Through Play, Key person etc so we have decided not to repeat the information. The pages on this website are designed to provide parents and prospective parents with core information about the preschool. Please call me if you have any further questions, or call the Nursery if outside the preschool opening hours.
Sarah Watson- Pre-School Manager
Aims of our Preschool 
  • To provide an excellent standard of childcare and education.
  • To allow children to learn and develop in an environment that supports and values them as individuals.
  • To provide opportunities for activities and experiences that will allow the children to progress, following the principles of the early years foundation stage.
  • To build positive relationships with children and their families by encouraging parental involvement in Preschool.
  • To prepare children for the transition to primary school and to encourage self-help and independence skills.
  • To be positive role models promoting respect and care for each other and our environment. 

At Preschool

Learning through child-directed play
Little Rascals Preschool is founded on the importance of child-directed play. We look for opportunities to incorporate all of these types of play in our environment. The highly qualified early years practitioners at our Preschool observe the children taking the lead in the play and help direct their play to enhance the learning experience when opportunities arise
Typical Day 
9.00 am Meet and Greet and Self Registration and Free Flow Play
This takes a different format each day with the inclusion of topical news, the weather or child-initiated conversations.
The children can choose where they would like to play. This can be either in either playroom or outside.
10.00 am Snack Bar Opens 
The children are encouraged to go to the toilet and wash their hands before coming to the snack table. We operate a rolling system where the children can choose when they come up to get their snack. They pick their name from the table and put them on the snack board to show that they have had a snack. The children can choose milk or water to drink. Snack time is a useful social experience where conversations take place between members of staff and children at the meal table.
Free Flow Play Continues
11.30 am Tidy Up Time Outside
The children are encouraged to tidy up the area where they have been playing outside
11.45 am Tidy Up Time Inside
The children are encouraged to tidy up the area where they have been playing inside
12.00 am Preparations For Home or Lunch 
We say goodbye to some of our Little Rascals and then we sit down for our lunch
12.50 am Group/key-person time
The children spend some time with their key-person, sharing their news, talking about the day and any ideas they might have.
1.00 pm Free play
The children access the areas of their choice
1.30 pm Tidy up time 
The children are encouraged to tidy up the toys they have been playing with
1.45 pm Group physical time 
The Children take part in a group activity to promote physical activity
2.00 pm Preschool Closes

Starting Preschool

When you join us at Little Rascals
When your child first joins us, we will work with you to support them through the transition ensuring they are settled. As every child is an individual, we will tailor our approach to suit your child.
We will arrange visits with you so we can get to know you and your child. Naturally, you know your child better than anyone, so our carers will work closely with you to get to know your child’s individual needs and personality – and provide you with regular feedback on how they are progressing. We recognise that we not only have a responsibility for providing exceptional care for your child, but we also need to deliver an excellent service to you.
We pride ourselves on our understanding of the things that really matter to parents when it comes to care – the challenges you face, the worries you wrestle with and the hopes and aspirations you have. We believe that the highest quality childcare can only be delivered in close partnership with parents.
On your child’s first session, you are welcome to stay until your child feels comfortable. When you leave you are welcome to telephone us during the session to see how your child is settling in. Before long your child will be having fun with us and making new friends!
  • All clothing, footwear, sun hats and lunch boxes should be labelled to prevent mix-ups
  • Children must wear appropriate shoes to pre-school and NO FLIP FLOPS
  • When the weather is warmer and the sun is out, please apply suncream to your child before you come along to your session and don’t forget sun hats!
  • Wellie boots and coats are a must if the weather is wet and cold, the children love to play outside rain or shine, so don’t let them wear their best clothes to preschool
Parents are requested to park considerately at drop off and pick up times, please be aware of other road users. 
If you would like to enrol your child in the Preschool please print off a copy of the registration form, fill in the details and return the form to us.
  • Admission policy
  • Download Registration form

Policies & Procedures

The policies and procedures provide an essential framework for the staff to use when making decisions about the day-to-day management of the Preschool.
Our policies and procedures are continually reviewed to ensure compliance with legislation and current guidelines. The whole staff team are involved in reviewing and monitoring the policies and procedures on a regular basis, so we can implement any changes or additions to them when required. When we are reviewing a policy we display a copy on the notice board and encourage parents/carer’s to comment and make suggestions.
A copy of the policies and procedure documents are available in the welcome area at the preschool.
All incidents however minor will be reported to you.
If your child is unwell please think carefully before bringing him/her to Preschool. No child with a temperature or an infectious disease should be at the Preschool. A child with vomiting or diarrhoea must be kept at home for 48 hours after the symptoms have ceased.
If you are unsure please discuss any symptoms with the Manager.

Session Times & Fees

Session Time Fee
9:00 am - 2:00 pm £22.50
9:00 am - 12:00 pm £13.50
Fees must be paid at the start of each half-term. 
From the start of the term following a child’s third birthday your child is entitled to 15 government funded hours of childcare per week from the term after your child’s third birthday
You are able to pay with childcare vouchers. Childcare vouchers are a government-led initiative to encourage employers to help their employees with their childcare costs.  Vouchers are offered as part of a salary sacrifice scheme, whereby you elect to take part of your existing salary as childcare vouchers. Your employer has to put a childcare voucher scheme in place in order for you to be able to use child care vouchers. If you do wish to start paying your fees with childcare vouchers then please speak to the Manager.

Contact us

Little Rascals Preschool
The Guide Hall
Forest Road
West Sussex
BN14 9EH
Tel: 07752098016 or via the Nursery on 01903 600577