Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play

Nursery education is about much more than colours, shapes, numbers and letters. It’s about learning to be independent, curious and confident. The children learn to form positive relationships and believe in themselves. If children can learn to “have a go”, learn from mistakes and try again, they will succeed in their future learning.

Our Little Rascals learn by doing things for themselves, by exploring and investigating, watching and listening, talking and discussing, creating and communicating – in other words – playing. Play is children’s work and playing hard is very tiring! When children make something, drawing, painting, lego tower etc you can see what they’ve done other times when you ask your child what they have been doing today you may get the response “Don’t know – Nothing – Just playing“, these are common replies!  

By carrying out observations of the children playing, recording the language their use and taking photographs of them, we can build a picture of their interests and understand the learning that is happening . We share these with children, their parents and with each other. Gathering and sharing information in this way supports us to plan more effectively to provide meaningful, appropriate experiences and activities and gently forward the children onto  their next steps, extending their learning and development.

Play helps children to understand the world around them and to develop socially and emotionally. It is through play that our children learn, develop at their own pace and have fun with adults who understand, support and care about them.
We offer our Little Rascals a play-based curriculum which meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  It supports all aspects of their learning and development.

Play in a secure environment with effective adult support allows the children to explore, investigate and enjoy the learning experience. We help them to practice and develop ideas, concepts and skills in a unique and non-threatening way, without fear of failure.

We deliver the early year’s curriculum in a number of ways, through:

  • Construction and small world play
  • Treasure baskets that contain a variety of different objects to help stimulate babies’ senses, large and fine motor skills and experiences
  • Physical activities developing large & fine motor skills.
  • Literacy and numeracy skills, stories and rhymes.
  • Role play and imaginative opportunities
  • Malleable experiences, water, sand, gloop, jelly  and malleable experiences
  • Mark making (the marks that children make through a range of media, such as paint, water, sand, pencils and the meanings that they give to them)
  • Creative play, dancing, singing and music times.
  • Outdoor opportunities, physical play, imaginative, exploring and investigating science and nature

It is so important to us that our ‘Little Rascals’ feel secure, not hurried or pressured, and that they  have the confidence to deal with whatever comes their way!

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