Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience we provide snack, meals, nappies and wipes. The meals and snacks we provide are prepared on site by our cook and provide a healthy, balanced diet. Menus are displayed and copies are provided on request. We provide fresh milk and children have access to water throughout the day.We ask that you provide formula milk, nappy cream if your child should need it, a spare set of clothes, wellington boots and a coat in the winter and sun cream and a sun hat for the summer. We also encourage you to bring family photos so your child can see familiar faces during the day.

Our staff members are trained to plan for children’s individual learning needs. Staff will observe their key children and identify strengths, development needs and interests and build on these through weekly plans. We encourage you to contribute to these plans in various ways, including our superstar survey forms, WOW moment slips, parent observation sheets and through general discussions with your child’s key person.

Your child’s Key Person can use these to identify areas of learning, and use this information to extend your child’s learning at nursery. Short and medium term plans for the children are on display in each base room. If you are interested in knowing more about the way in which we plan for your child’s learning please make an appointment and we will be more than happy to explain this further.

Your child’s Key Person is responsible for completing an Individual Learning Plan. This is based on an assessment of your child’s progress and allows staff to record achievements against the six areas of learning outlined under the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. This also helps staff to understand how your child needs to be supported and enables them to share information with you about your child’s progress. The plans are shared with you each term. If you wish to see your child’s plan at any other time please ask your child’s key person. If your child attends another nursery or childcare provision we would like you to tell us this is so that we can share information and assessments with them.

If you have a concern that you wish to address in relation to the care your child receives at the nursery this should be raised immediately with the Manager. The manager will listen and endeavour to work with you and the team to reach a resolution. The matter will be logged on a concern or complaint form depending on what the matter relates to. We would ask you to offer the Manager the opportunity to resolve the situation in the first instance.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied that your concern you should contact Ofsted.
by telephoning them on 0300 123 4666.

To enable us to monitor people entering the building the nursery has a secure biometric finger print scanning machine. We also ask you to provide a password, anyone other than the parents will be asked for this password along with other security questions and identification. We will not release any child out of our care unless we are 100% happy. Any member of staff who do not recognise a person will ask them their full name and who they have come to collect they will not be let into the nursery unless until the necessary checks have been carried out. All visitors must report to the nursery reception, sign the visitor’s book and be accompanied at all times.

It is vital that all parents inform the nursery of any personal changes to their or their child’s personal details, particularly emergency and collection contacts. The manager will not change a child’s personal details unless authorised or requested to do so by the parent.

We ask all parents to refrain from letting anyone into the nursery, for example, when you are leaving the building please do not hold the door open for someone else who may be coming through. All visitors to the nursery must be let in by the Manager or a senior member of the nursery team.

Our Tiny Rascals: (under 2 years of age):  We do not have set sleep times, we follow your routine at home and let them sleep if they are tired. Babies and young children  will sleep in accordance to their individual care plan and they have their own sleep room.   

As  children get older their sleep patterns change. We will at all times try and encourage your child’s natural routine but we cannot make children sleep.  We will always offer the children a sleep however most tend to have a little nap usually after lunch if they attend for the whole day. Children who do not sleep will be provided with other quiet restful activities. Sometimes when a child hasn’t had their sleep they start to become tired towards the end of the nursery day, staff are not able to keep children awake if they are tired and will allow them to sleep.

Young children love to get messy and at nursery they will have lots of opportunity to experiment with water, creative activities, gloop, jelly, sand play and they will spend a lot of time exploring outside.
Although children will be provided with aprons we suggest you dress your child in easy to wash clothing and provide a change of clothes so that your child can be changed and made comfortable if they have an ‘accident’ or get dirty/wet during play. Please put these in the drawstring bag (we provide) on their named peg.  We ask that you provide outdoor all weather clothing (waterproof) and wellingtons and in the summer sun hats and sun cream.

During toilet training we will work with you following the routine that you have introduced at home to give a consistent approach to your child. So your child can be independent at toilet time please dress your child in easy to handle clothing

*Please note – All personal items of clothing/footwear MUST be labelled clearly with your child’s name!

It is of the upmost importance that we obtain as many details about your child as possible to ensure his/her welfare at nursery. Before your child’s start date the Manager will issue an information pack for you to complete and bring with you on your child’s first settling in visit. This pack will request information regarding personal contacts, emergency contact details, family information, medical details and forms which require your signature.

At the settling in visit your child’s Key Person will introduce you to your child’s Learning Journal and ask you to complete some forms about your child’s routines, family life and their likes and dislikes. The journal contains information about your child that we will require to support them throughout nursery life.

We are sure you can appreciate there are many legal requirements to which we must adhere. When staff request signatures or information from you, this is because we have a legal duty to obtain this.

As children grow and develop their care and education needs change. We have allocated rooms for different ages and stages of development, Baby Bears, Tiny Teds, Jungle Cubs and our preschool group Busy Bees, therefore throughout your child ‘s time with us they will need to settle in these new rooms. You will be given notice of any changes to your child’s room and the dates and times when a visit to the new room has been arranged. You are welcome to attend these settling in sessions although in the majority of cases parents are happy to allow the Key Person to manage this. At each transition the Learning Journal is updated to ensure that we consistently hold the most up to date and relevant information about your child. Our nursery staff will offer you regular feedback about how well your child is settling into nursery or a new room.

As often as they want to! We have a saying ‘there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing’ The garden forms part of our nursery environment and is open throughout the day. We also take the children on trips, such as to the woods, beach, park and outings so they can learn about their communities and have access to a wider range of learning opportunities.

If your child is on medication we are happy to administer any prescribe medication at nursery on the condition that your child appears well enough to attend. All medicines brought into the nursery will need to be recorded on the medication form and we will require your signature to authorise its administration. Any medication brought into the nursery must be in its original container and labelled with your child’s full name, the dosage required and the date it was prescribed. Any medication that does not meet these criteria and is not prescribed by a General Practitioner will not be administered. Nursery staff are not able to administer the first dose of medication, therefore any child requiring medication must have had the first dose a minimum of 24 hours prior to coming into nursery. We are able to administer long term medication such as an inhaler.

The nursery retains its own supply of temperature control medication (Calpol) and will administer this in the event that a child’s temperature suddenly rises. We can only administer this if we have prior signed authorisation from you to do so (this will be in the initial information pack that you will complete when your child starts at the nursery) and you will be contacted via telephone prior to medication being given. We will only administer one dose, if your child’s temperature does not reduce or rises again later in the day you will be asked to collect them. We will not administer temperature control medication such as Calpol as a preventative medicine. This also applies to allergy medication  which will only be administered in an emergency situation. External medications such as eczema creams, nappy creams can be applied with your written consent. In all cases if a child is deemed unwell you will be asked to keep them at home until they are in general good health.

The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) is the governing body who set the standards for care and education for all children’s day care settings including schools and nurseries.

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