Caring Through Our Nursery Environment

The Nursery Environment

‘Children must be offered and allowed to engage in exciting and challenging activities, which support and extend their learning and development.’

We provide a rich stimulating environment full of contexts for play, exploration and talk where they can choose, create, investigate, explore, initiate and follow on with activities. Children are active learners from birth and we believe that if we provide them with the right environment, support and experiences, it will help to encourage their curiosity, imagination and creativity.

Our nursery has been designed to be homely, cosy and exciting and it is structured in such a way as to promote a child’s independence, decision-making and problem solving.

The environment is organised into clearly defined workshop areas to accommodate different activities appropriate to the development and competence of the children. We use specialist play equipment that has been designed to invite exploration and specially selected for quality and play value. This ensures that whatever your child chooses to play with, their learning and development will be supported and extended.

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