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Ofsted is the Government body that assesses the performance of day nurseries across the UK.

In the case of nursery schools, inspections are unannounced, which means we must keep up our childcare standards all the time to be sure of maintaining our status.  Inspections are based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, which sets the standards for learning, development and care of children from birth to five years old.

The inspection judgements fall into four grades: 

  1. Outstanding: this aspect of the provision is of exceptionally high quality
  2. Good: this as pect of the provision is strong
  3. Satisfactory: this aspect of the provision is sound
  4. Inadequate: this aspect of the provision is not good enough

Our latest OFSTED inspection was carried out on 11th July 2014 

Wewere graded "Outstanding" in every area and we are very proudof this!  

Some of the comments from the report are:

  • The environment is highly stimulating and activities are expertly set up to provide children with excellent learning opportunities. 

  • The outdoor space is extensively resourced with equipment to promote children's physical skillshildren with excellent learning opportunities. 

  • Children receive unlimited praise and support during activities which allows them to create their own ideas and learn effectively

  • Children are extremely confident and motivated to learn through play and make very good progress due to the high levels of enthusiasm they receive from all staff

  • The quality of teaching throughout the nursery is of an exceptionally high standard

  • The management team is highly effective in supporting the staff which means they are continuously motivated to develop their practice and improve outcomes for children. 

  • The nursery has highly successful strategies in place to ensure that all parents are comprehensively involved in their children's learning

  • Staff have excellent relationships with parents and constantly gather feedback to ensure children are being offered the best possible care and learning experiences at all times. 

  • The commitment and dedication from the management team are inspirational. The provider strives for excellence and demonstrates this through the highly detailed systems for continuous provision.

  • Staff have an excellent knowledge and understanding of the nursery's policies and procedures

  • Staff development is extremely well focused on raising standards and improving outcomes for children even further

  • Parents offer high levels of praise when talking about the staff

Click here to read the latest full Ofsted Report

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